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Thank you for your desire and commitment to invest and steward the resources Father trusts you with as you sow into The Road Map.  Together we will move forward to impacting lives For the King.....and for His Kingdom.  

We, at The Road are grateful for your past support. Father has told us that we are not beggars and that we need to communicate when we have financial needs. We don't know what this year will cost in time...talent and treasure.....but He does. 

So here is what we are asking. Please ask Father how He wants you to support and partner with us in the growth of The Road and then be obedient and bring your best. In advance we say thank you because your giving will impact men and women walking and leading in freedom.

Use One-Time Donation if paying for someone else.  Please leave the name of the person in the special instructions that will be attending the encounter. 

You do not need to have a Paypal Account to donate.  There is an option to donate using a credit/debit card.  Click the green donate button of your choice, select Checkout with Paypal, then use the debit/credit card option if you do not have a Paypal Account.  

Monthly Donation

Event Registration Fee

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