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Women's Encounters

Women's Gathering

Women's Gathering weekend is for any women who want to get connected to other ladies.  You do not have to go on a Reflect Women's Encounter to attend.  We will be doing worship, teachings, and fellowship.  

2024 Gathering Closed

Reflect Women's Encounter

The Reflect Encounter for women is a 4 day journey into beginning a walk, without distraction, to seek the heart of the Father.  All distractions of the world are left behind as we discover how we reflect, why we reflect, and Who we reflect.  Step out into your identity as a daughter of the King.  

Heroes Reflect Women's Encounter

Today we know that many of our returning veterans, the sons, and daughters of our country, are hurting. Divorce, suicide, and PTS among veterans, firefighters, and first responders are at an all-time high. The separation, not fitting in, and the lack of “mission” are leaving our veterans, firefighters, and first responders feeling lost. The effects of physical and emotional injuries have left many in pain and confusion not knowing what road to take to recovery.

Heroes Reflect Encounter is for any of our country’s veterans, first responders, firefighters, and spouses no matter where or when they served our nation and communities.

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