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Youth Encounters

Young Men's Return Encounter

The Road is called to be a caring community of Christian men committed to preparing young men in order that they may become Godly leaders of tomorrow.  We don't focus on discipline, order, and structure on this 4 day encounter. We focus on introducing truths that lead to freedom.  We focus on preparing leaders of tomorrow by providing truths that can be implemented today that will lead to a lifelong journey of freedom.  

Young Ladies Encounter

Rise is a 4 day encounter where young ladies are able to put away all the distractions of this world and fully embrace the truths that come along with being God's daughter.  As they learn whose they are in Christ, they will be equipped to RISE UP (stand up in the truths they learned), RISE WITH (walk in step and relationship with their Heavenly Father), and RISE ABOVE the world around them, as they walk in their true freedom that God has set before them.  

Rise from the dust O Jerusalem, sit in a place of honor.  Remove the chains of slavery from your neck, O captive daughter of Zion.  -Isaiah 52:2

(ages 9-12)

Young men need to know that they have what it takes to be a Man of God. On this 2 night/2 day Encounter we will walk alongside Fathers and Sons, as together we begin to train and demonstrate what the Biblical masculinity journey looks like. This training and encouragement is for fathers as much as it is for their sons.

2025 TBD
If the encounter dates you would like to attend are full, please fill out the waitlist form and indicate the dates you would like to attend.  Someone will reach out to you if a spot opens up.  
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