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Heroes Return Encounter

Today we know that many of our returning veterans, the sons, and daughters of our country, are hurting. Divorce, suicide, and PTS among veterans, first responders, and firefighters are at an all-time high. The separation, not fitting in, and the lack of “mission” are leaving our veterans, first responders, and firefighters feeling lost. The effects of physical and emotional injuries have left many in pain and confusion not knowing what road to take to recovery.

Heroes Return Encounter is a 4 day journey of God-seeking, self-searching, and spiritual training designed to unlock the pain and wounds of the past, so that they can begin to live life with a hope and future that keep men from experiencing authentic and distinctive manhood. Veterans, first responders, and firefighters are surrounded by a “squad” of men who serve as “wingman” to each Hero. We create a setting where truth replaces lies, and men are restored, healed, and made whole.

Heroes Return Encounter is for any of our country’s veterans, first responders, and firefighters, no matter where or when they served our nation and communities. It is a safe place where men can get free of guilt, shame, and anger. Men get “off the grid,” find camaraderie, and answer the call to authentic manhood.

Click Check out with PayPal when paying.  You can either log in and pay using PayPal or select Debit/Credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.  
If the encounter dates you would like to attend are full, please fill out the waitlist form and indicate the dates you would like to attend.  Someone will reach out to you if a spot opens up.  

Heroes Return-
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March 13th-17th

Heroes Return

April 24th-28th

Heroes Return

May 15th-19th

Heroes Return

June 19th-23rd

Heroes Return

July 24th-28th

Heroes Return

September 18th-22nd

Heroes Return

November 20th-24th

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